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Procedure descriptions

Receive late repatriate certificate

Spätaussiedler status does not arise on the basis of the admission decision, but only when a "Spätaussiedlerbescheinigung" is issued. You will receive this after you have been admitted to Germany.

At the same time, you acquire German citizenship according to the law.

Responsible department

the Federal Office of Administration (BVA)



You fulfil the late repatriation status.


The procedure is initiated when you register at the initial reception centre of the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) in Friedland.

During your stay in Friedland, you will receive a registration certificate confirming that the certification procedure has been initiated. The Spätaussiedlerbescheinigung will then be sent to your place of residence from there.

Spouses or descendants who were included in the notification of admission will receive a "Certificate as spouse or descendant of a late repatriate".



Required documents

Registration licence



Processing time

On a case-by-case basis

Legal basis

Bundesvertriebenengesetz (BVFG)

  • § 4 Spätaussiedler
  • § 5 Ausschluss
  • § 7 Grundsatz
  • § 15 Bescheinigungen

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