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Traffic in & around Heidenheim


The most important traffic artery for road traffic is the A 7 (Flensburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Würzburg, Ulm, Füssen) - Germany's longest motorway. Access is possible via the two junctions Heidenheim-Mitte and Heidenheim-Süd. 30 km south of Heidenheim, the A 7 and the A 8 (Stuttgart - Munich) intersect near Elchingen. In addition, two federal highways run through Heidenheim, the B 19 (Würzburg, Aalen, Ulm) and the B 466 (Stuttgart, Göppingen, Nördlingen, Nuremberg). There are air pollution control plans for areas with poor air quality. Environmental zones are a possible measure of such air pollution control plans. Heidenheim an der Brenz is an environmental zone. Vehicles with high pollutant emissions are not allowed to drive in these environmental zones. Environmental zones reduce particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pollution. If you want to drive your vehicle in such an environmental zone, you have to purchase a fine dust sticker.


On the rail, the Brenztallinie connects the ICE station Ulm and the InterCity station Aalen every hour (more often during rush hour).


With the establishment of the Heidenheimer Tarifverbund (HTV) and the ZOB at the train station and the new ZOH Marienstraße, local public transport both in the city and in the entire district of Heidenheim has been significantly improved. Uniform tariffs apply to the HVG city bus and rail transport. There is a transitional tariff for the Donau-Iller-Nahverkehrsverbund (DING). The bus stops and the respective bus routes in Heidenheim and suburbs are listed in the bus route overview.


The cycle path network in the city center and to the excursion destinations beyond the city limits has been completed in recent years.

On foot

With the handover of Friedrich-Degeler-Platz north of the town hall, the pedestrian zone was extended by an important section in 1996.

Taxi company

Taxi Bißle
Regerstraße 25
89518 Heidenheim

Taxi Braig
Albuchstraße 2
89518 Heidenheim

Taxi Himmelreich
Schlossstraße 23/1
89518 Heidenheim

Taxi Müller
Talstraße 23
89518 Heidenheim

Taxi Pietsch
Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 4
89520 Heidenheim

Taxi Heffner
Sudetenstraße 20
89518 Heidenheim


Stadtentwicklung, Städtebauliche Planung und Umwelt
Grabenstraße 15
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz
Fax (0 73 21) 3 23-61 11