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General high schools

Evening high school Ostwürttemberg (location Heidenheim)

Abendgymnasium Ostwürttemberg
Römerstrasse 101
89522 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 61) 55 56 95

The following degrees can be obtained:

  • Middle school leaving certificate (after grade 11)
  • Technical college entrance qualification (after class 12) The prerequisite is completed vocational training or 5 years of professional activity.
  • General higher education entrance qualification (after grade 13)

The Abitur (general higher education entrance qualification) at the evening grammar school is on an equal footing with that of any other grammar school. It entitles you to study all subjects at all universities in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hellenstein High School

Bahnhofplatz 8
89518 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 27 54 13

Association of friends, sponsors and former students of the Hellenstein Gymnasium Heidenheim The Hellenstein Gymnasium is the oldest high school in Heidenheim, its history goes back to 1500. It offers the scientific profile and the modern language profile with Spanish or Chinese as a third foreign language. In both profiles, English is the first foreign language from grade 5 and French is the second foreign language from grade 6.


Max Planck High School

Virchowstraße 30-44
89518 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 94 18 71

Association of Friends of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium
Profiles of the Max-Planck-Gymnasium:

  • Scientific profile
  • Language profile with the language sequence English-French-Latin
  • Bilingual teaching in the natural science and language profile
  • Sport profile

Works high school

Römerstrasse 101
89522 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 57 72 00

Tied full-day school four days a week (except Wednesday). Special practical profile with four hours per week from grade 5 to high school.

  • Course A: Technology / Engineering (Profile NwT)
  • Course B: Experimental Natural Sciences (Profile NwT)
  • Course C: Visual Communication and Product Design (Profile Fine Arts)
  • Course D: Digital Media Technology and Media Design (Profile Fine Arts)

Foreign language English from class 5.
2. Foreign language French or Russian from grade 6.

Additional practice hours in the core subjects. Own kitchen in the school canteen. Extensive group offerings during the lunch break. Private music school lessons during the lunch break are possible in practice rooms. School social worker on site. Seal of “MINT-friendly school”. Homework supervision by student mentors for KS 5 and 6 and the “Students help students” project. Participant in the French DELF diploma. Partner schools Poisy (France), St. Petersburg (Russia).
NaWigatorschule funded by the Leibnitz Institute in Lübeck. Cooperation with DHBW, Aalen University of Applied Sciences and Ulm University. “BORIS” seal for study and professional orientation. Educational partnerships with Voith and BSH Giengen and project partnership with Edelmann.
The Förderverein Werkgymnasium e.V. supports various activities that strengthen the school community at the Werkgymnasium. Events and projects of school prevention and social work. Lunch break design: game rental, relaxation room, school library, schoolyard design. Projects in the individual classes at the request of the respective teacher. Organization of lectures for parents. Welcome party for new fifth graders. Event and organization of the school festival together with teachers and parents. Individual subsidies for families in need so that all children can take part in class and study trips.

Schiller high School

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 8
89522 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 23 54 33

Freundeskreis Schiller-Gymnasium e.V.

From each of the musical train variants, a path may lead to one of the other two trains by the end of grade 7, so that the Schiller-Gymnasium can offer a total of six alternative routes to the general higher education entrance qualification. The Schiller-Gymnasium is also known for its very successful New Chamber Choir.

Vocational high schools

Business high school

Heckentalstraße 86
89518 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 21 78 60

The Wirtschaftsgymnasium is a vocational high school that leads economics interested people to the Abitur in 3 years and opens study- and job-related educational paths. In addition to the general subjects, the emphasis is on the subjects of economics and business administration, economic accounting with bookkeeping / accounting and data processing.

Technical College

Technisches Gymnasium
Clichystr. 115
89518 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 21 79 38

The Technische Gymnasium is a vocational high school that leads to the Abitur in 3 years and thus opens up access to all fields of study. At the school, the profiles technology (TG) and information technology (ITG) are run. In addition to the general subjects, the profile subject information technology (e.g. system design, information logic, program development and database systems) is included in the profile information technology and the profile subject technology (electrical engineering and metal technology) in the profile technology. informed.

Maria von Linden School

Technisches Gymnasium
Clichystr. 115
89518 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 21 79 38

Association of Friends of the Maria von Linden School

  • Nutritional grammar school: vocational grammar school that leads those interested in natural sciences to the Abitur in 3 years and opens up study-related and job-related educational paths. In addition to general subjects, the focus of the training is on the subjects of nutrition with chemistry, laboratory exercises and economics.
  • Social Science High School


Bildung, Sport und Bäder
Grabenstraße 15
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz