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In Heidenheim over 10,000 schoolchildren and students visit the numerous and varied educational institutions. The excellent range of general education schools and technical schools, up to and including the higher education sector, ensures a qualified workforce on site. Because of the large number of schools in Heidenheim, it is not easy to keep track. Therefore you will find a list of all schools in Heidenheim.

Heidenheim offers

  • 10 elementary schools
  • 1 elementary school support class
  • 4 school kindergartens
  • 3 special schools
  • 2 Werkrealschulen (including secondary school)
  • 1 community school
  • 2 secondary schools
  • 5 general high schools
  • 3 vocational high schools
  • 8 private schools
  • 5 vocational schools


Bildung, Sport, Bäder
Grabenstraße 15
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz