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Heidenheim Cooperative State University

The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Heidenheim (founded in 1976) offers bachelor's degree programs in the following areas:

  • Economy (banking, trade, industry, international business, service marketing / media and communication, forwarding, transport and logistics, insurance, business informatics)
  • Technology (mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, IT)
  • Social affairs (social work with older people / civic engagement, case management in social and health care, child and youth welfare, social services for youth, social and family welfare, social management)
  • Health (Applied Health Sciences, Interprofessional Healthcare, Medical Technical Sciences)
Cooperative State University
Dual university in Heidenheim

Theory seminars combined with practical experience in a company. This is what the Duale Hochschule (DHBW) stands for, which leads students to a Bachelor's degree within three years. The Duale Hochschule Heidenheim offers various courses in the fields of economics, technology and social affairs.

With its dual study concept, the DHBW Heidenheim combines university studies with practical, company-related training. More than 900 partner companies and social institutions are involved. It is not uncommon for DHBW students to get stuck in their company after completing their studies. In this respect too, the connection between business and educational institutions works optimally.

The teaching staff consists of full-time professors and part-time lecturers, most of whom come from business practice. Due to the close cooperation with the training companies, changes in the economy are reflected in current, practice-oriented study concepts. Heidenheim Cooperative State University maintains contacts with 32 partner universities abroad. Around 40 percent of Heidenheim students spend a stay abroad during their studies. The attractive new building of the Cooperative State University Heidenheim offers the students optimal equipment at the highest technical level. More than 1400 students are currently enrolled. The ratio of men to women is almost balanced. The students come from all over Germany, not a few even from abroad.

In Heidenheim you will find ideal conditions. The urban housing market has now also adapted to the students. Furnished apartments, shared flats and dormitories are offered at affordable prices. The attractive cultural scene and the sports and leisure activities in the city also make student life outside of the lecture hall and workshop varied and interesting.


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