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Building & Living

A nice apartment is a good basis for your new life in Heidenheim. Here you and your family will find time for themselves.And you draw strength for every new day. Accommodation offers are always available, for example, on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the Heidenheimer Zeitung or online:

If you are a student and / or are just looking for a room at the beginning, there are individual rooms in shared apartments.You can quickly make contact there


Living situation "living"


Regardless whether you rent or you own your home – tenants, landlords and homeowners all need information on living. You will find the most important aspects on the following pages.

Detailed information

Information on the subject "Building and Modernisation" can be found in the same-named aspect of daily life.

Life situation "building and modernizing"

Building and Modernisation

What do you as the building owner have to take into consideration and what subsidies are available from the State? Here you can read everything which has to be taken into consideration when building, modifying, changing the use of or demolishing a physical structure.

Detailed information

Detailed information on choosing and purchasing land can be found in the aspect of daily life "Land".

Important tips for tenants

Conclude a written rental agreement. If the landlord requires you to provide a rental deposit as security, this must be deposited with a bank as a savings deposit. After the end of the tenancy, you are usually entitled to a deposit and interest.Read the electricity and water meters together with the landlord when you move in. Never turn off the heating completely in winter (even if you are not there). If you have any questions or problems, seek advice from the district tenants' association.


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