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Family Centre

A family center is a place of encounter, advice, care, education and information with offers for parent and adult education, leisure activities and support for upbringing. Young mothers and fathers in particular can get to know their own skills and be strengthened in their educational tasks in order to help their children To enable a positive path into the future (e.g. offer of a parental driver's license by the house of the family). It is known from scientific studies that socially disadvantaged families in particular can receive effective help through a family center of the type mentioned and that disadvantages are compensated for it has been proven that promoting children in interaction with parents and families is particularly effective, which is why parents and families must also be strengthened in their skills. In addition, families with a migration background are to be more closely integrated into society, which is why the City of Heidenheim has decided to support the following family centers:

Familienzentrum im städt. Kinderhaus Damaschkestraße
Damaschkestraße 7
89522 Heidenheim

Familienzentrum im städt. Kindergarten Hochbergweg
Hochbergweg 29
89522 Heidenheim

Familienzentrum im städt. Kindergarten Hölderlinstraße
Hölderlinstraße 70
89522 Heidenheim

Familienzentrum im  Evang. Johannesgemeindehaus
Iglauer Straße 23
89518 Heidenheim