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Municipal Senior Council


  • Independent, politically and religiously neutral education
  • Organ for forming opinions and exchanging experiences
  • Central task: promoting relationships and dialogue between the generations
  • Partner of the municipality and local politics
  • Contact person for shaping demographic change positively for all citizens
  • The Heidenheim City Seniors Council also aims to bring the digital world closer to the 50+ generation. With the project, the association promotes and organizes Internet & PC support for the 50+ generation through voluntary Internet guides, lectures and individual personal assistance on all topics relating to the digital world on computers, tablets and smartphones. Volunteer internet guides are available to the citizens every Monday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (except during holidays) with neutral advice and support, at open meeting points in the Heidenheim community center.
  • The internet guides also give monthly lectures in the Emil-Ortlieb-Saal town hall on all topics related to the digital world on computers, tablets and smartphones. The lecture file will be sent to each participant on the same day by email. Dates internet guides:
  • The board of the Heidenheim City Seniors Council offers open consultation hours for advice and assistance in the community center, e.g. with official questions and helps with filling out applications and forms When: every 4th Tuesday of the month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (except during holidays)
    Where: community center Heidenheim , Hintere Gasse 60, 2nd floor, room 203

Founding meeting of the City Seniors Council

Many senior citizens and organizations have expressed their interest in joining forces in an association in order to better represent the concerns of older people. For this purpose, several preparatory meetings took place, which have now resulted in the establishment of a city seniors council as a registered and non-profit association. The founding assembly met on July 11, 2006 in the Emil-Ortlieb-Saal under the direction of Mayor Rainer Domberg. Jürgen Bohnert was elected as the new chairman of the Heidenheim City Seniors Council in November 2018. His deputy is Rosemarie Hilka. The office of secretary is exercised by Ursula Becker. The treasurer is Jörgen Bauer, and the assessors are Werner Fröhle, Maria Högerl, Elisabeth Kömm-Häfner, Frank Lachmund, Jan Mehner and Alfred Remmele and Erika Völkel.

Hand in hand in a future that is competent for generations

City Seniors Council Heidenheim certifies 64 businesses and shops for the generation-competent service in Heidenheim. As early as 2008, the City Seniors Council Heidenheim certified retailers for "senior-friendly service". With the current certification, valid until March 2015, with a view to a generation-friendly city, it was also examined how the service in the shops for people with disabilities, mothers and fathers with small children and senior citizens arise. Questions such as: public transport or Where can I park as close to the shop as possible? Are the aisles barrier-free for my walking aid or wide enough for a wheelchair or pram? Are the price labels and descriptions of goods well sorted and written legibly? Do the changing rooms offer enough space? Are the staff friendly and offer me a glass of water and a quiet place to relax if required? 64 companies and shops met the criteria and were awarded the “Generational Competent Service” certificate. This increases the quality of life for all generations in Heidenheim. This project is welcomed and supported by the Heidenheim city administration, the East Württemberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ulm Chamber of Crafts and the Heidenheim district craftsmen.


Stadtseniorenrat e.V.
Hintere Gasse 60
89522 Heidenheim
Vorsitzende: Erika Völkel
Stellvertretende Vorsitzende: Elisabeth Kömm-Häfner