Hellenstein Castle in summer


Playing, romping, having a lot of fun or running, climbing, crawling, sliding, jumping, bouncing - up, down, over, under and whatever else there is! Fun and adventure are around every corner at the LALO Center! Everything that is fun for the Kid's are set up as attractions. For the celebration of your birthday party or action in the game you are exactly right here. While the kids are romping and having fun in the LALO Center, the parents can relax in the Bistro or in the Lounge. Of course, the parents can also play; because in every adult there is still a child, isn't there?

For the very young and the babies there is a separate crawling area. There, the little ones can gather age-appropriate play experiences, while others feel like Tarzan in the low ropes course. By the way, the LALO Center's low ropes course can only be found 3 other times in Germany. And here in Heidenheim ... Wow!


Stubentalstraße 58
89518 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 34 21 60