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Applying for retraining due to occupational illness

Are you suffering from a recognised occupational illness that makes it impossible for you to carry out your previous profession? If you are fit for work, accident insurance may finance retraining in another occupation.

Please note: Other benefits from statutory accident insurance are also possible, e.g. treatment costs, rehabilitation measures. The primary aim of the measures is reintegration into working life.

Retraining usually takes place in vocational training centres. You will receive a transitional allowance for the duration of the retraining programme. If you fulfil the requirements, you can also receive a pension.

The duration of the retraining programme can vary depending on which occupation you are retraining for.

Responsible department

Social accident insurance institutions

The statutory accident insurance institutions are

  • the industrial and agricultural employers' liability insurance associations and
  • the public sector accident insurance institutions

Note: Your contact person for occupational rehabilitation following an accident at work or occupational illness is your rehabilitation manager. These are medically and vocationally trained employees of the accident insurance institutions, who are also known as vocational assistants. They try to find the best rehabilitation measures for each individual case and support you in returning to work.



  • Your illness has been recognised as an occupational disease.
  • The illness threatens to render you unable to work if you continue to practise your profession.


Contact your rehab manager at your responsible accident insurance institution. They will inform you about the further procedure.

They can also assess

  • what your chances of retraining are and
  • whether other rehabilitation measures would be more appropriate in your case.

The rehab managers and rehab managers develop a rehabilitation plan depending on the Rehabilitation plan. If the accident insurance provider authorises your retraining, they will act on your behalf she will negotiate the details with the vocational training centres and other facilities suitable for retraining.


Please contact the relevant accident insurance institution.

Required documents

Ask your accident insurance provider which documents you need.



You will be reimbursed for the costs of the courses and accommodation in a vocational training centre.

Legal basis

Siebtes Buch Sozialgesetzbuch (SGB VII):

  • § 35 Leistungen zur Teilhabe am Arbeitsleben

Berufskrankheitenverordnung (BKV):

  • § 3 Maßnahmen gegen Berufskrankheiten, Übergangsleistung

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