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Disposing of waste and rubbish

Waste disposal is a mandatory task of the city and district authorities.

As public waste management authorities, they have made their own regulations for their area. These may differ from municipality to municipality.

You can find out more about the system that applies to your city or district and the individual regulations on the website of the waste management company responsible for your area. This includes information on waste fees, waste containers (prescribed sizes, ordering options), waste calendars and types of waste.
You can also obtain information and advice in writing or by telephone.

Please note that a few districts have transferred responsibility for waste collection to their municipalities. You can also find out whether this is the case in your district on the website of your waste management company.

If you move away from the catchment area of a public waste disposal company, the waste disposal company will refund some of the waste fees you have paid in excess.

A distinction must be made between waste from private householdsland commercial waste, for which there are special regulations. There are also special regulations for many types of waste such as waste paper, glass, batteries and electrical appliances. Information can be obtained from the responsible office.

Responsible department

Waste management office or waste management company:

  • if you live in an urban district: the city administration
  • if you live in a rural district and there is no transfer to municipalities: the district office



You are registered with the city or municipal administration of your place of residence.


Contact your local authority for more information. The waste statutes applicable to your place of residence regulate whether each household or house number must use its own waste containers (e.g. residual waste, organic waste, paper, packaging).
In many urban and rural districts, one bin per household is mandatory. In some cases, you can also share a bin with other residents.



Required documents

in some cases: current confirmation of registration


There is no standardised nationwide cost regulation. You should therefore enquire with your local authority.
The respective waste fee statutes of your city or district regulate the amount of the waste fees. The municipal council or district council decides on the statutes.



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