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Procedure descriptions

Supplementary schools in the area of cultural administration - applying for state recognition and acceptance of examinations

With state recognition, the supplementary school may hold examinations in accordance with the examination regulations and issue certificates with a reference to the state recognition.

Recognition is generally valid for an unlimited period of time.

Responsible department

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs



  • The supplementary school has been in existence for at least five years.
    This deadline may be waived,
    • if an already recognised supplementary school is expanded or
    • if the provider of an existing state-recognised supplementary school establishes another supplementary school of the same type.
  • The lessons are based on a curriculum approved by the school supervisory authority.
  • There must be a special educational or other state interest in the school. This is particularly the case if
    • corresponding public schools are not established only because a private supplementary school already exists or
    • the school serves the public good in a significant way.


Apply in writing for state recognition of the supplementary school. Enclose a draft of the examination regulations with the application. You submit the application to the responsible regional council.

The regional council will check the examination regulations submitted and, if necessary, ask for improvements to be made. If there are further points that require clarification, the regional council will contact you and try to clarify the outstanding points together with you.

It then forwards the application with its comments to the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs for a decision.

If the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs recognises the school, you will receive a written notice of recognition from them.

The examination regulations are not mentioned in the letter of recognition.


For state recognition of the examinations: in good time before the examinations are taken

Required documents

Draft examination regulations


  • state recognition: EUR 300.00 to 1,000
  • Approval of the examination regulations: EUR 150.00 to 1,000


A supplementary school may also conduct examinations and issue certificates without state recognition. However, the certificates may not contain an addition indicating state recognition.

Release note

02.11.2023; Kultusministerium Baden-Württemberg


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