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Procedure descriptions

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You must notify the authorities of any blasting of buildings or chimneys or of blasting during road construction work.

The holder of the following must give notice

  • the licence to acquire and handle explosives or
  • of the certificate of competence for handling and/or traffic with explosives.

Notice: Notification is also required for blasts that are not carried out with explosives but with pyrotechnic objects (rock-breaking cartridges).
You do not have to report blasting in facilities that are licensed according to § 4 of the Federal Immission Control Act, for example in quarries.

Responsible department

the local authority responsible for the blasting site as the trade supervisory authority

The competent local authority is

  • if the blasting site is located in a city district: the city administration
  • if the blasting site is located in a rural district: the district administration office



Permit in accordance with § 7 Explosives Act or certificate of competence in accordance with § 20 Explosives Act

  • for the blasting of structures or parts of structures or
  • for general blasting work for blasting during road construction measures (without blasting of structures or parts of structures)


You must submit the notification in writing and in duplicate to the competent body.

The notification must contain the following information:

  • Place, date and time of the blasting; in the case of several blasts: the period during which they are planned
  • Name and address of the persons responsible for the blasting
  • Number and date of the permit or certificate of competence under the Explosives Act
  • Name of the authorities which issued the permit or certificate of competence under the Explosives Act

Notice: If there are any changes to the contents of the notification after it has been made, you must submit an amendment anyou must also submit a notification of amendment in duplicate.


  • several blasts of the same kind: at least four weeks before the start of the blasts
  • any other blasting: at least one week before the start of blasting
  • any change in a blasting already notified: without delay

Required documents

  • valid permit according to § 7 Explosives Act or
  • valid certificate of competence in accordance with § 20 of the Explosives Act

  • Description showing the following:
    • Type, procedure and extent of blasting
    • The type and maximum quantity of explosives and detonators used per blasting operation
    • if detonators are used: the maximum quantity of explosives per detonation stage
    • Distance of the blasting sites from buildings and installations requiring special protection within a radius of at least 1,000 metres, in particular from hospitals, schools, old people's and children's homes, sports facilities and playgrounds
    • planned safety measures, in particular
      • Cover rooms for employees
      • Cordoning off traffic routes
      • Precautions to protect neighbouring homes and workplaces against flying stones, vibrations, blasting vapours and noise

  • site plan to scale showing the following:
    • the blast sites including their foreseeable changes of location
    • the distance of the blasting sites from traffic routes, homes and workplaces as well as public utilities such as gas and water pipes within a radius of at least 300 metres

Note: You do not need to submit a site plan if you have indicated in the notification the distance of the blasting site from the following facilities:

  • Traffic routes,
  • Residential and work premises, and
  • Public utility facilities


the fee rates set by your municipality in the fee statutes for explosives law


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