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Procedure descriptions

Request issuance of a mortuary passport

For the transfer of a corpse beyond the borders of the Federal Republic of Germany, you need a mortuary passport.

Responsible department

the municipality in whose district the death occurred



All documents required for a burial in the ground are available.


As a rule, you must apply for the multilingual mortuary passport in person at the municipality. However, the funeral home entrusted with the transport can also apply for the mortuary passport on your behalf.

Required documents

  • Death certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Authorisation of the local authority in whose district the death occurred (as long as the death certificate does not bear the endorsement of the registrar)
  • Authorisation of the public prosecutor's office or the district judge
    (in the case of indications of a death not caused by natural causes or the body of a person unknown)


varies depending on the municipality


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