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Moving home: taking your telephone connection with you or de-registration/new registration

If you move home, you must de-register your old telephone connection. You can then register a new telephone connection for your new place of residence. In certain cases, you can take the current telecommunications contract with you and use it in your new home.

Tip: Should you move within a district and remain within the same local network, you can retain your existing telephone number. Please make enquiries of your telephone company.

Responsible department

the telephone companies



You are the owner or holder of a telecommunications connection or would like to register a new connection.


You must transfer your old telephone connection in writing with your service provider or de-register it and then carry out a new registration.

Note: You can also transfer the telephone connection should a new tenant be in place for your old house or flat. Please contact your provider for information concerning the procedure.

Should you move home, you can also continue to use your existing telecommunications contract (landline/broadband/Internet/radio) in the new place of residence. In order to do this, you do not need to change the term of your contract or other contractual agreements. The requirement for this is that the provider can supply the contractually agreed service in the new residence location. The provider may make a charge for this. This may not be higher than the fee for a new connection. Should the telecommunications company not be able to offer the previous service at the new location, you can terminate the contract prematurely as a customer. You must give notice of three months to the end of the month. Should the contract provide for a shorter period of notice, the contractually agreed period of notice applies.

You can also apply for a new telephone connection for your new place of residence. You can usually do this by telephone or in writing. If you wish, you can also have yourself listed in the local telephone directory.

Tip: In many locations, there are offices or service centres of the providers. You can carry out the registration or de-registration there. Your telephone service provider can inform you as to whether there is a service centre in your area.


When de-registering your telephone connection: contractually agreed period of notice

Special right of termination of three months to the end of the month when moving home

Required documents



For the

  • transfer or moving: various amount, depending on the provider and contract
  • De-registration: none
  • New registration: one-off connection fee of varying amount, depending on the provider and contract

Note: You must always pay a connection fee. It makes no difference as to whether you retain your old telephone number or apply for a new one


When deregistering your telephone extension, pay attention to the contractually agreed periods of notice.

Note: If you move house within a municipality and remain in the same local area network, it is possible to keep your existing telephone number. If you should have any questions, then please ask your telephone company.

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