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Procedure descriptions

Information from the civil register - group information to parties or groups of voters

Parties, electoral groups and other sponsors of election proposals can obtain group information, for example the naming of all persons who are between 18 and 25 years old, from the population register. This only applies in the six months before elections and votes at municipal and state level.

The information extends to

  • the first name and surname
  • any doctoral degree, and
  • the current Address.

Note: The information is provided on groups of persons entitled to vote or to be voted on, for the composition of which only the age of the persons concerned is decisive. Any other characteristic, such as nationality, is not a selection criterion. The birthdays of the persons concerned may not be disclosed to the applicants.

Caution: The data may only be used for advertising before an election or vote.

Note: If citizens have previously objected to the disclosure to the registration authority of the municipality in which they live, the data will not be disclosed. The registration office informs them of their right to object when they register and once a year by means of a notice customary in the locality

The persons concerned do not have to object if a general information block already exists. The data will then not be passed on.

Responsible department

the registration authority of the municipality in which the election or vote takes place

The registration authority is

  • the municipality/city administration of the place of residence or
  • the administrative community or the municipality that performs the duties of the registration authority for the municipality of residence.



It is a party, electoral group or other bearer of election proposals.


Parties, electoral groups and other sponsors of election proposals must apply for group information in writing to the competent office.

Note: As the person concerned, you can lodge an objection to the granting of group information in writing or in person with the municipality.

Required documents

The municipality may request the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport
  • in the case of a written application: Copy of passport or identity card


The costs for group information depend on the individual case.

There are no fees or costs for the objection.


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