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General education schools - register for evening classes

The Abendrealschule (evening school) enables employed persons without a secondary school leaving certificate to take the Realschule leaving certificate examination. It is a part-time school and lasts two to three years, depending on the school. In the last part of the course, students may not have to work. There are different organisational forms at the individual Abendrealschulen.

The Realschulabschluss from an Abendrealschule

  • entitles the holder to transfer to
    • one-year or multi-year vocational colleges,
    • the gymnasiale Oberstufe at community schools
    • vocational grammar schools or
    • the upper stage of a vocational upper secondary school and
  • increases the chances of taking up an apprenticeship occupation.

Responsible department

the respective evening school



  • You have fulfilled the obligation to attend primary school and a school based on it.
  • You are employed or have been employed for at least six months and
  • are at least 17 years old.


You can register in person or in writing at the relevant office. The application form is available there or, depending on the school's offer, can be downloaded.

The school management of the Abendrealschule will decide on your admission and inform you about the admission dates.


Classes begin in September. You can find out by when you have to register at the latest from the relevant office.

Required documents

You can find out which documents you need to submit from the competent office.


Fees are charged. They vary from Abendrealschule to Abendrealschule.


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