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Procedure descriptions

Disposing of domestic green waste

You can dispose of domestic green waste

  • through home composting,
  • via a collection system:
    • Provision of leaves and herbaceous material in a special "leaf bag" or a garden waste bin,
    • Provision of woody, bundleable material for seasonal collection as part of a separate garden waste collection service,
  • at a local collection point (green waste collection point, recycling centre),
  • at a green waste composting plant.

Green waste should be collected and recorded separately as "herbaceous" and "woody".

Responsible department

The waste management company in your city or district



You would like to dispose of green waste, for example

  • Grass and hedge cuttings,
  • Lawn cuttings,
  • Shrubs,
  • Debris from flower beds,
  • Flowers,
  • Balcony plants,
  • Flower arrangements,
  • Brushwood,
  • Leaves,
  • Pruning (branches, tree wood).

Remove any foreign matter such as wire or plastic residues beforehand.


Find out from the administration of your waste management company,

  • which collection systems are offered in your city or district and
  • what exactly you are allowed to dispose of via the green waste collection service or at the collection points.

Most municipal and district waste management companies publish waste calendars.
These will tell you the collection dates, types of collection and local collection points.



Required documents



The costs are based on the municipal fee statutes.
Please enquire with your local waste management company.



Legal basis

die jeweilige örtliche (Abfall-) Satzung in Ihrem Stadt- oder Landkreis.

Release note

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