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Procedure descriptions

Apply for sickness assistance under the Child and Youth Welfare Act

The health assistance covers the full amount of the necessary requirements in the individual case. As a person with statutory health insurance, you must pay the usual co-payments and personal contributions within the limits of your financial possibilities.

Note: The youth welfare office can also pay contributions for voluntary health insurance. These must be reasonable.

Responsible department

the local youth welfare office

Youth Welfare Office is,

  • if you live in a city district: the city administration
  • if you live in a rural district: the Landratsamt (district administration office)

Note: The city of Constance performs the tasks as local youth welfare agency itself. The city of Villingen-Schwenningen has handed over the municipal youth welfare office to the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis on 01.07.2023.



You receive

  • help with education or
  • integration assistance

This includes the following types of help:

  • Full-time care
  • Home education or other assisted living
  • intensive individual socio-educational support
  • Integration assistance for children and young people with mental disabilities:
    • in full-time care,
    • in home education or
    • in another form of assisted living


You do not have to make an additional application for health assistance. As a rule, this will be awarded to you together with the youth welfare benefit applied for.



Required documents

Check with the relevant office.






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