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Apply for admission as a late repatriate

To be accepted as a late repatriate, you must submit a written application to the Federal Office of Administration (BVA).

Responsible department

the Federal Office of Administration (BVA)



The notice of admission is issued upon application to persons residing in the resettlement areas who fulfil the requirements as ethnic German repatriates.

German nationals can be accepted as ethnic German repatriates. German ethnicity has the following requirements:

  • Descent from at least one parent with German nationality or German ethnicity
  • German nationality entry in the domestic passport or other official identity cards or registers
    The commitment to German nationality can also be demonstrated in other ways, in particular through proof of sufficient German language skills.
  • Ability to hold at least a simple conversation in German


You must submit the application for admission as a late repatriate to the Federal Office of Administration from your area of origin. You can also submit the application via a German diplomatic mission abroad or via relatives or other authorised representatives living in Germany.

After you have submitted the application, you will receive a request from the Federal Office of Administration to take a language test. You should definitely comply with this request. The result of the language test is very important for the further processing of your application for admission. The language test will check whether you, as the applicant, can hold a simple conversation on general everyday topics. The language tests are carried out at German diplomatic missions abroad.

The Federal Office of Administration will check whether you fulfil the requirements. If you fulfil the requirements for admission, you will receive a notice of admission from there. Until then, you will have to wait in your country of origin.

After entering the Federal Republic of Germany, ethnic German repatriates and their family members are registered at the Friedland branch office of the Federal Office of Administration. They are then allocated to the federal states. The Federal Office of Administration then issues a certificate which ethnic German repatriates can use as proof with the authorities.



Required documents

  • Birth certificate(s), possibly marriage certificate(s), adoption certificate(s) and, if applicable, divorce certificates of all persons wishing to resettle (including children),
  • Employment records of all persons wishing to resettle who were born before 01.01.1974,
  • Certificates of good conduct of persons wishing to emigrate,
  • Military service records, military service passports, certificates of internment, deportation, expropriation, attendance at German schools, etc.

Copies of the original with notarisation are required. Copies must be complete, i.e. the front and back of the document must be submitted. Uncertified copies are not suitable as evidence.

The notarisation note must be in the original and confirm that the content of the copy fully corresponds to the original. Copies of certification endorsements or certification endorsements that merely certify the translator's signature are not sufficient.

All foreign-language documents must be accompanied by a translation from a sworn translator.

The following also applies to birth and marriage certificates: The documents must be provided with a "Hague Apostille". This does not apply to documents from EU member states.

Apostilled documents must be submitted as notarised copies. If apostillisation is not possible, please contact the BVA or the relevant German diplomatic mission abroad.



Processing time

On a case-by-case basis

Legal basis

Bundesvertriebenengesetz - BVFG:

  • § 4 Spätaussiedler
  • § 5 Ausschluss
  • § 6 Volkszugehörigkeit
  • § 15 Bescheinigungen
  • § 26 Aufnahmebescheid
  • § 27 Anspruch
  • § 28 Verfahren

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