Hellenstein Castle in summer

This is how heidenheim de works

You are on the website of the city of Heidenheim an der Brenz.

With the address www.heidenheim.de you call up the website in your browser.

At the top left is the logo of the city of Heidenheim. It remains there on all other pages. Click on the logo if you want to return to the home page.

How do I get information on the sub-pages of the website?
This website has many sub-pages.
To access the sub-pages, you have to open the navigation.
The navigation is always at the top left. Click on the 3 bars.
The navigation will then expand There are different topics: Town Hall & Administration, Life, Education, Economy, Tourism, Art & Culture and Sport & Leisure.
Click on a page to get more information.
A page can also have other sub-pages.
Click here on the topic you are interested in.
A new page will open.

The navigation on the sub-pages is the same as on the start page.

How does the search work?
At the top right is the search.
The symbol is a magnifying glass.
Click on the magnifying glass if you want to search for something.
Enter the search term in the search field.
Then click on the magnifying glass to start the search You will get search results.
It is individual pages or files that the search found.
Click on a page or file to open it.

Those were the tips for navigating the website.
We hope you enjoy browsing our website.


Grabenstraße 15
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz
Fax (0 73 21) 3 23-10 31