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Procedure descriptions

Admission to the bar as a practising lawyer

If you wish to practise as a lawyer and open a law office in the chamber district of the Karlsruhe Bar Association and have no other admission to the bar in the federal territory so far, you must apply for admission as an established lawyer pursuant to Sections 4 et seq. BRAO.

Responsible department

Karlsruhe Bar Association, Reinhold-Frank-Straße 72, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany



Qualification to hold judicial office according to the German Judges Act or

Qualification for integration via the EuRAG or

Certificate pursuant to section 16a (5) EuRAG


You must submit the application in writing to the Karlsruhe Bar Association. You can obtain the application form directly from the Bar Association or you can download it online in the download area of the Bar Association here. The application must be signed by hand.

If you meet the requirements for admission, you will be sworn in and admitted by the Bar Association. Upon admission, you become a member of the Karlsruhe Bar Association. You may then practise your profession under the professional title of "Rechtsanwalt" (lawyer).



Required documents

  • officially certified copy of the certificate of the 2nd state examination or of the passing of the qualifying examination
  • Curriculum vitae with photograph
  • Proof of professional liability insurance pursuant to § 51 BRAO
  • Confirmation of office
  • officially certified copy of the doctoral degree certificate
  • Proof of "knowledge of professional law" pursuant to § 43 f. BRAO (at least 10 hours)
  • officially certified copy of identity card or passport


300 Euro, see applicable fee statutes of the Karlsruhe Bar Association

Processing time

four to six weeks

Release note

18.10.2023 Justizministerium Baden-Württemberg


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