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Straußwirtschaft - Show operation

Would you like to serve home-produced wine or cider and offer cold and simply prepared hot meals as part of a wine tavern? Then you must notify the operation of the wine tavern.

Please note: In some parts of Baden-Württemberg, ostrich taverns are also called broom taverns.

Responsible department

the municipal or city administration in whose district the wine tavern is located



Notification of the ostrich tavern is sufficient if the following requirements are met:

  • The wine tavern is open for a maximum of four months per year in a maximum of two periods.
    If you exceed the duration, the notification of the wine tavern is not sufficient.You will then require a catering permit. Persons living in the same household may only run a wine tavern for a total of four months per year, i.e. adding up the permitted operating times of a wine tavern by persons within a family is not permitted.
  • Wine may not be sold commercially in addition to the wine tavern.
    Anyone who markets wine commercially may not also operate a wine tavern - which does not require a licence.
  • Wine may only be served on the premises,
    • which are located at the site of the wine-growing business,
    • which - except in cases of particular hardship - have not been rented specifically for this purpose,
    • which are not connected to another pub or restaurant or to an accommodation establishment and
    • which have a maximum of 40 seats.
  • In addition to wine or cider, they also offer at least one non-alcoholic drink (not tap water), which may not be more expensive than the cheapest wine on offer.
  • They only offer cold and simply prepared hot dishes.
    These are dishes that do not require any special skills to prepare and also require little time and effort.
  • All persons working in the Straußwirtschaft who come into contact with certain foods or utensils and/or work in the kitchen have been instructed about their obligations under the Infection Protection Act in the event of existing or subsequently occurring special infections (certificate from the public health department or an authorised doctor in accordance with Section 43 of the Infection Protection Act).
    Without such instruction and the presentation of a corresponding certificate, these persons may not take up their work and accordingly may not be employed by you.

Please note: Even if the operation of a wine tavern is not subject to a licence, you must comply with the other regulations, such as hygiene regulations and closing times.


You must notify the competent authority of the operation of a wine tavern. You can do this verbally or, for the purposes of proper documentation, in writing or in electronic form.

The notification must contain the following information

  • the period during which the serving of self-produced wine or cider is to take place
  • The place and location from which the grapes used to produce the wine or the fruit used to produce the cider originate
  • The place where the grapes or fruit were pressed and the wine was matured
  • the premises intended for the operation of the wine tavern


You must make the notification at least two weeks before the start of operation.

Required documents

Display with the information listed above


The charging of fees and the amount of the fees are governed by the municipal fee statutes.


If you serve wine all year round, you must apply for a pub licence, as with any other pub where alcoholic drinks are served.

Legal basis

Landesgaststättengesetz (LGastG)

  • § 1 Geltung des Gaststättengesetzes
  • § 1 in Verbindung mit § 6 Gaststättengesetz (GastG) Ausschank alkoholfreier Getränke

Gaststättengesetz (GastG)

  • § 14 Straußwirtschaften

Gaststättenverordnung (GastVO)

  • § 1 Sachliche Zuständigkeit
  • § 5 Erlaubnisfreiheit
  • § 6 Räumliche Voraussetzungen
  • § 7 Verabreichung von Speisen, Nebenleistungen
  • § 8 Anzeige
  • § 8a Ausschank von Apfelwein

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