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Procedure descriptions

Renew pilot licences

You need a permit to participate in air traffic. A distinction is made between permits for:

  • Aircraft
  • Rotorcraft (example: helicopters)
  • Motor gliders
  • Gliders
  • Free balloons (example: hot air balloon)
  • Air sports equipment

Note: The licences for commercial and professional pilots as well as the licences for air sports pilots (microlight aircraft, hang gliders, paragliders and parachutists) do not fall under the responsibility of the state aviation authorities (Regierungspräsidien). Here, the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics is responsible for transport/professional aircraft pilots and the air sports associations for air sports equipment pilots.

Air transport licences are issued for an unlimited period.

Ratings in airman's licences are partly limited in time and can be extended after the minimum requirements have been met. This is done by a handwritten entry on the back of the licence or by reissuing it.

In order to be able to exercise rights from a licence, proof must also be provided in part in the pilot's personal logbook.

Responsible department

the Stuttgart Regional Council for the whole of Baden-Württemberg



  • Personal requirements:
    • physical and mental fitness as determined by an aero-medical expert
    • reliability of character and, in accordance with the Aviation Security Act
  • Professional requirements:
    • are laid down in the European regulations , issued by EASA , in each case related to the type of aircraft and the rating
    • for air sports equipment in the regulation on aviation personnel

Note: The individual requirements can be obtained from the aviation schools or the state aviation authorities.


For the renewal of ratings in an aviation licence, you must, depending on the type of rating, demonstrate:

  • a certain number of flying hours, take-offs and landings, and practice flights with an instructor, or
  • a proficiency check by recognised examiners, and
  • physical and mental fitness, as determined by an aero-medical expert, by presentation of a medical certificate
  • for instructors, the certificate of attendance at a refresher course and an assessment of competence may be required

You will need to submit evidence such as a medical certificate together with your renewal application. You can find out exactly what is required in the relevant application.

If ratings with expiry dates are renewed by flight instructors or examiners on the back of the pilot licence, they must complete the necessary forms and submit them to the competent authority.


An authorisation whose validity has expired can only be renewed under more difficult conditions.

Required documents

are to be taken from the necessary applications


Fees are charged in accordance with the Aviation Administration Cost Regulation.

Processing time

When applications are received, they are checked and, if complete, processed as quickly as possible, depending on the work situation.



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