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Register of voters (European elections) - Apply for registration of EU citizens living in Germany

You can only exercise your right to vote if you are entered in the electoral roll. An official electoral roll is kept for each electoral district.

Please note: If you have been entered in the electoral roll since the European elections in 1999 or a later European election, you do not need to submit a new application. This only applies if you have lived in Germany without interruption since you were registered.

You can only vote once in the European elections.

Responsible department

the municipality in which you have your home

if you have more than one home: the municipality in which you have your main home



You assume that you are entitled to vote in the European elections and are not taking part in the election in any other EU member state.

You are entitled to vote if you

  • Are a national or citizen of another EU member state,
  • are at least 16 years old on election day,
  • have a home in Germany or otherwise usually reside in Germany and
  • have been resident or otherwise ordinarily resident in Germany or in the other member states of the European Union (EU) for at least three months on election day and
  • are not excluded from the right to vote either in Germany or in their country of origin.


You must apply for registration in writing using a form with an affidavit.

You must sign the application in person and send the original to the relevant office.
E-mail or fax is not sufficient.

If you wish to vote in Germany, you must declare on oath that you are not voting in any other EU member state.

Note: If you are unable to submit the application yourself, you can get help from other people. This may be necessary, for example, if you cannot read or are physically impaired. The person helping you must then also sign the application and the declaration in lieu of an oath.


You must submit the application by 19 May 2024 (21st day before the election) at the latest.

Required documents



The corresponding postage will be charged for sending the application for entry in the electoral roll by post to the municipality.


If you move within Germany after submitting your application, the municipal administration of your old place of residence will decide on your application.
It will inform the municipal administration of your new place of residence of its decision as soon as possible.

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