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Property register - Notify construction of a building

If you erect a building, you must notify the authorities. Notification is required by law. The building must also be recorded in the property register after every new building or extension.

If you do not report the construction of the building, structural changes will be recorded by the surveying authorities or publicly appointed surveyors and recorded in the property register.

Responsible department

the lower surveying authority in whose district the property is located

Depending on the location of the property, the lower surveying authority is the municipal administration or the district office.



  • You own the property or you are a person with hereditary building rights.
  • You would like to erect a building, change its footprint or demolish it.


You must informally notify the competent authority of the construction of the building. Please state the amount of the construction costs.

You can inform the competent authority in writing, by telephone or by e-mail. The authority will then update the property register.

Note: You can dispense with the notification if you commission publicly appointed surveying engineers to carry out the necessary surveying tasksen.


Display after construction

Required documents



The amount of the fee depends on the construction costs of the building.


For a typical residential building, the construction costs are between 100,000 euros and 400,000 euros.

You will have to pay

  • for the recording of the building: EUR 450.00 plus VAT
  • as a continuation fee 35 per cent of the fee for the building survey: EUR 157.50

Further information can be found in the schedule of fees.



Release note

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