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Private fireworks - apply for an exemption from the ban on setting off fireworks

If you would like to set off private fireworks outside of New Year's Eve, you need a special permit.

You can only obtain this permit to set off fireworks of category F2 ("New Year's Eve fireworks").

Notice: Only at the turn of the year (on 31 December and 1 January) may you, as a private person over the age of 18, burn off fireworks of category F2 ("New Year's Eve fireworks") without a permit. The permitted burning times may be further restricted by the municipal or city administration.

You have no legal claim to the granting of an exceptional permit.

Notice: Even with such an exceptional permit, you are not allowed to burn fireworks of the Category F3, F4, stage fireworks of category T2 or other pyrotechnic articles of category P2.
The same applies to the fireworks of category F2 listed in § 20 paragraph 4 of the First Ordinance on Explosives Law, such as rockets with more than 20 g net explosive mass.

Responsible department

the municipality/city administration in which the fireworks are to be set off

If the fireworks are to be set off on land that does not belong to a municipality, the municipal administration is responsible in the case of large district towns and the municipal administration in the case of administrative communities, otherwise the district administration office as the district police authority is responsible.

Note: The competent authorities under explosives law are regulated differently in each federal state. Please consult the website of the respective federal state for more information.



  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • if the fireworks are not to be set off on one's own property:
    a written consent of the property owner
  • a justified reason for setting off fireworks
    Justified reasons can be, for example:
    • a golden wedding anniversary
    • a milestone birthday or
    • any other anniversary


You must apply for the exemption. You must make the application in writing.
Depending on what your city or municipal administration offers, theform may be available for you todownload. If your city or municipality does not offer a form, you can submit the application informally.
In this application, you should at least state the occasion, the date,the planned start and end of the event as well as the venue.

Only after you have received an exemption permit can you purchase category F2 fireworks. You can obtain these, for example, from a fireworks company or from an online shop on the internet.

The exemption permit may be linked to conditions.

Conditions can be, for example

  • Presence of the fire brigade or volunteer fire brigade during the burning of the fireworks or
  • Proof of liability insurance

You can find out whether and which conditions are attached to the permit by contacting the competent authority.


You should submit the application at least four weeks before the desired date.

Required documents

  • Identity card as proof of age and place of residence
  • further documents about the purpose of the fireworks


The fee rates set by your municipality in the Fee Statutes for Explosives Law apply.

Processing time

About four weeks due to queries with the

  • the fire brigade or
  • the trade supervisory authority as the technical authority


The setting off of fireworks without an appropriate permit in the period from 2 January to 30 December of any year constitutes an administrative offence for which a fine may be imposed.

Release note

20.09.2023 Ministry of the Environment Baden-Wuerttemberg


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