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Procedure descriptions

Order natural burial

Ashes of deceased persons can be buried in cemeteries that provide for natural burial in the immediate vicinity of a tree, in its root area or in a designated area (lawn, meadow). The shape and exterior of a grave are not recognisable in this case.

Cemetery providers may set aside suitable areas as cemeteries for natural burials. These areas are usually separate from normal gravesites in a community cemetery or in a designated woodland plot.

Which rituals accompany the burial is largely left to the wishes of the deceased and their relatives. Christian burials are just as common as burials without spiritual guidance.

A name plaque on the tree or on the lawn or meadow draws attention to the gravesite. If desired, this name plate can also be dispensed with. Grave maintenance is usually taken care of by the municipal cemetery office or, in the case of burials in the forest, by nature. Flower plantings and classic grave decorations are not possible on these graves.

Responsible department

the cemetery owners (cities and municipalities)



The deceased person was cremated.


Contact the cemetery provider of your choice.


The usual deadlines for reporting and certifying a death and for collecting the deceased person apply.

Required documents

  • Death certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Medical certificate that the examination of the deceased person did not reveal any indications of a non-natural death (second post-mortem examination as a prerequisite for cremation)


In addition to the usual costs for a death, there are costs for the gravesite and, in the case of a forest burial, costs for the purchase of a tree (also pro rata).


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