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Hunter examination - Apply for authorisation

You are only allowed to hunt if you have a valid hunting licence. To obtain a hunting licence, you must successfully pass the hunting examination.

In the examination, you must demonstrate sufficient knowledge in five examination subjects:

  • Animal species, wildlife biology, game management and agriculture and silviculture including game damage prevention
  • Weapons law, weapons technology and handling hunting weapons (including handguns)
  • Hunting operations, in particular hunting practice, types of hunting, hunting equipment, fishing gear, handling and use of hunting dogs, animal welfare and species-appropriate keeping of hunting dogs, safety regulations for hunting
  • Hunting, animal welfare, nature conservation and landscape conservation law, hunting ethics
  • Game diseases and treatment of hunted game (in particular recognising the most important game diseases, necessary hygiene measures and assessing the health safety of game as a foodstuff)

You can acquire this knowledge in a recognised training course in preparation for the hunting examination.

The course includes theoretical and practical training. It comprises at least 130 hours plus shooting training.

Responsible department

Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg e.V. (authorised examination centre)



  • Participation in a training course at a recognised training centre
  • Proof of sufficient liability insurance
  • Minimum age for taking the written examination: 15 years


You must register for the hunting examination in good time.

You will receive a written invitation (summons) from the examination centre at least two weeks before the start of the examination. This authorises you to take the hunting examination.

You take the hunter's examination before the examination board, which consists of the chairman and at least four other members.

The examination consists of three parts:

  • Written examination: the five examination subjects mentioned above, each with 25 questions; multiple choice questions from a known question catalogue; at least 13 correct answers per subject are required to pass.
  • Weapons handling test and shooting test: testing the safe practical handling of long and short weapons. Weapons handling and shooting are tested and assessed together.
  • Oral-practical examination: Answering oral questions and enquiry or demonstration of practical activities and knowledge from all five examination subjects mentioned above, 15 minutes examination time per subject.


You must register at least four weeks before the written examination. There are at least four examination dates per year.

Note: Whether an examination takes place in the region of your choice depends on the number of registrations. Please enquire at the examination centre(Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg e. V.).

Required documents

  • Proof of sufficient liability insurance
  • if you are a minor: written declaration of consent from your legal representatives
  • Proof of payment of the examination fee


There are costs for the training course and the examination fees.
Further information is available from the Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg e. V.


Prospective falconers can take a restricted hunting test. In particular, the shooting test is not required. If they want to apply for an annual hunting licence after passing the restricted hunting test, they must complete the missing sections of the test.
In addition to the limited hunting test, falconers also require a special falconry test, which cannot be taken in Baden-Württemberg.
Further information can be obtained from the falconry associations.

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