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Procedure descriptions

Experts according to BauSVO - apply for recognition

Technical installations and equipment in garages, sales premises and places of assembly must be inspected by a recognised building expert.

Technical installations and facilities are, for example:

  • Smoke extraction systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Safety power supply systems
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Fire detection and alarm systems

If you wish to work as a building expert or building surveyor, you must submit an application for recognition in good time before starting work.

Responsible department

the Ministry of Economics of Baden-Württemberg




  • are entitled to use the professional title "Ingenieur" or "Ingenieurin" in accordance with the Engineering Act,
  • have been practically active as an engineer for at least five years in the field in which you wish to carry out the examination activity. Of these, you must have assisted in examinations for at least two years.
  • possess the expertise required to work as an expert in the respective field and can prove this by means of an expert report, and
  • are up to the tasks of an expert due to their personality and fulfil these tasks impartially and conscientiously.

Building experts from other EU/EEA states who are employed in thercountry of origin are allowed to carry out this activity if they have a comparable

  • have a comparable authorisation with regard to their field of activity,
  • have comparable requirements to those of the above-mentioned Vorequirements mentioned above, and
  • have written and spoken command of the German language.

Note: Building experts from other EU/EEA states who do not have a comparable authorisation with regard to their activity are alsosarea of activity, can also work as experts as an expert. They must be able to speak and write Germanewritten. In addition, they require a certificate from thesthey also need a certificate from the highest building authority stating that they meet the general requirements mentioned above.

Note: If you have already obtained the ausas an expert in another federal state, you must obtain abthis means that a further notification is required. Certificates already issued shall continue to apply.


Apply for recognition as a building expert or building surveyor in writing. Sign the application by hand or with a qualified electronic signature.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt from the zupermanent office. If necessary, the office will inform you whichrare still missing.

If the decision is positive, the competent body will include you in its list.

As a building expert or building expert from another EU/EEA state, if you have an equivalent authorisation in your state of origin, you must notify the competent authority of your activity before you carry it out for the first time. Otherwise, you must submit an application for recognition to the competent body. Upon request, the competent body will confirm that the notification has been made.

Required documents

  • Curriculum vitae with complete information on the professional career and professional practice up to the time of application
  • Copies of the certificate of graduation from the training institution as well as all certificates on previous employment
  • for the proof of personal reliability:
    • if resident in Germany: certificate of good conduct
    • if resident abroad: documents from the applicant's home country proving that he/she has the personal reliability to perform the requested service.
  • For nationals from EU/EEA states additionally:
    • Certificate of legal establishment as an expert for the inspection of technical systems and equipment in the home country (at the time of submission, the activity must not be prohibited) and
    • Proof of fulfilment of the general requirements


EUR 150.00 - 1,500

Processing time

The competent body will decide on your application within three months of submission of the complete documents.


The recognition is valid throughout Germany.

It expires without notice if you

  • renounce it in writing to the competent authority,
  • you are 68 years old,
  • you are no longer able to hold public office (e.g. due to a conviction for a felony or an intentional misdemeanour to a prison sentence of more than one year)
  • are restricted by court order from disposing of your assets.

You must inform the competent body immediately of any reasons that may lead to the expiry of the recognition.

The competent body shall revoke the recognition if you have repeatedly and grossly violated your duties as an expert.

It may revoke the recognition if you have not exercised your activity for two years or have only exercised it to a minor extent.


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