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College - Register visit

The college offers adults with several years of professional experience the opportunity to obtain the general higher education entrance qualification.

The college is a full-time school and lasts three years. Classes are held during the day. You are not allowed to have a regular job during the entire period of training.

Attendance at the Kolleg is divided into:

  • a one-year introductory phase
  • and a two-year course stage.

If you pass the Abitur examination at the end of the course stage, you will be awarded the general higher education entrance qualification. This allows you to study at all higher education institutions in Germany.

Note: You will be awarded the Fachhochschulreife if, at the end of the second half of the first year of the course system, you have

  • have achieved the required academic performance and
  • can prove that you have completed at least two years of vocational training, at least one year of work experience or a voluntary social or ecological year, military service or alternative service, or federal voluntary service.

Responsible department

the respective college



  • Minimum age: 19 years
  • Realschulabschluss or equivalent level of education
  • at least two years of completed vocational training or proof of at least two years of professional activity as a rule
    The independent running of a family household with at least three persons or at least one person in need of education or care is considered equivalent to a professional activity.
    If you are unemployed, the college may take periods of unemployment into account. You must provide proof of these periods by means of a certificate from the employment agency.

Notice: You may no longer apply if you have already been been refused the general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification twice. In some cases, applicants are admitted who were unsuccessful in the first educational pathway at the Gymnasium. In addition, you must not have already obtained the certificate of general or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification elsewhere.


You can register with the respective college in person or in writing. The registration form is available at the respective colleges. In some cases, the educational institutions offer the application form for download on their pages.


varies depending on the college

Required documents

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Birth certificate or copy of identity card
  • Passport photograph
  • Final or leaving certificates from the schools attended
  • Declaration as to whether you have previously taken part in a baccalaureate examination


varies depending on the college


You can apply for BAföG for the duration of the college visit.


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