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Apply for maintenance advance

The advance maintenance payment is a state benefit for children of single parents. It helps to secure your child's financial livelihood if the other parent does not pay maintenance in the amount of the advance maintenance payment, or does so only partially or not regularly.

From 01.01.2023, it amounts to the following per month

  • for children under six years of age EUR 187.00
  • for children from six to eleven years of age EUR 252.00
  • for children between twelve and seventeen years of age: EUR 338.00

The entitlement to advance maintenance payments ends at the latest when the child turns eighteen.

Note: The paying agency reclaims the advance maintenance payments from the person liable to pay maintenance.

Responsible department

the local youth welfare office

Youth Welfare Office is,

  • if you live in a city district: the city administration
  • if you live in a rural district: the Landratsamt (district administration office)

Note: In the city of Constance, contact the city administration. The city of Villingen-Schwenningen has handed over the municipal youth welfare office to the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis on 01.07.2023.



  • The parent liable for maintenance
    • does not meet the payment obligations
    • is wholly or partially unable to pay maintenance, or
    • has died without leaving a claim to orphan's benefits.
  • The child
    • receives no or only irregular maintenance from the other parent or orphan's benefits that are below the statutory minimum maintenance,
    • lives in Germany
    • with a parent who is single, widowed, divorced or permanently separated,
  • Special conditions apply to children over the age of twelve. They are only entitled if
    • the child or the single parent does not receive benefits according to Social Code II (SGB II), such as ALG II, or
    • the child's need for assistance can be avoided by receiving advance maintenance payments, or
    • the single parent receives benefits under Social Code II but has a gross monthly income of at least 600 euros.

There is no entitlement in the following cases, for example:

  • Both parents live together in one household.
  • The parent with whom the child lives remarries.
  • The child lives in a home or in full-time care.


You must apply for the maintenance advance in writing to the competent office. You can pick up the application form and a detailed information sheet there or have it sent to you. Application forms are also available on the internet, depending on what the Youth Welfare Office offers.

Notice: You must enter the name and place of residence of the person liable to pay maintenance in your application if you know them. Otherwise you are not entitled to maintenance advance.

You must hand in the completed application in person or send it by post. Your original signature is required.

You cannot apply for the advance online, by e-mail or fax.



Required documents

  • Identity card or passport
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Confirmation of registration or information from the register of births, marriages and deaths
  • if available:
    • Divorce decree or divorce decree
    • Documents on the judicial assertion of maintenance claims
  • for children over 12 years of age: current notification of benefits according to SGB II (Jobcenter notification)
  • for children over 15 years of age:
    • School certificate
    • Proof of income, if available





Release note

17.08.2023; Sozialministerium Baden-Württemberg


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