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Procedure descriptions

Applying for a licence to transport passengers

You need a licence to transport passengers if you wish to drive

  • taxis
  • public transport vehicles
  • vehicles transporting passengers on commercial and holiday excursions
  • ambulances, if you are transporting people commercially or for a fee.

Holders of a class D or D1 driving licence: you only need a licence to transport passengers if you are driving taxis.

This licence is valid for no more than five years. You can have it extended by another five years at a time.

Responsible department

The driving licence authority in your home town

The driving licence authority is

  • if you live in an urban district: the city council (Stadtverwaltung)
  • if you live in a rural district: the rural district office (Landratsamt)



  • driving licence in bank card format
  • you have had a class B or equivalent driving licence for at least two years, or one year if you wish to drive an ambulance
  • Minimum age: 21 years; for ambulances: 19 years
  • evidence of mental and physical aptitude
  • personal reliability: you may not have any previous convictions for serious crimes or traffic violations
  • evidence that you know the area if you wish to drive taxis, hire cars or ambulances


You must visit the competent authority in person. You can obtain the application form from the driving licence authority. Your municipal authority must confirm the personal data you enter in the application form. You can also submit your application there.

Required documents

  • passport or personal ID card
  • driving licence in bank card format
  • Führungszeugnis (certificate of good conduct)
  • excerpt from the Register of Driver Fitness (Fahreignungsregister)
  • test of local knowledge: only for taxis, hire cars and ambulances
  • medical certificate or attestation from an eye specialist confirming that your eyesight has been tested (valid for two years)
    • You can have this examination performed by:
      • an eye doctor
      • an occupational physician
      • a driver fitness assessment centre
      • a doctor from the public health authority or another administrative body
  • medical eligibility certificate
    Doctors usually have the forms for these certificates to hand. You can consult a doctor of your choice. The certificate may not be more than one year old when you make your application.
  • performance psychology assessment
    This assessment evaluates faculties such as your stamina, reflexes, orientation and ability to concentrate.


  • Initial issue: EUR 55.60, if you already have the EU driving licence in bank card format
  • Renewal: EUR 51.00
  • Exchanging your previous driving licence for an EU driving licence in bank card format: EUR 24,00 extra

Note: These fees include the amount charged for obtaining a certificate of good conduct. The test of local knowledge is subject to additional fees.


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