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Procedure descriptions

Request printout from the commercial register

The commercial register is an official register. It is kept electronically. Upon request, the registry court will provide you with a printout of the entries and the documents submitted.

Example: Names of persons authorised to represent the registered company.

You will receive information

  • on corporations (GmbH, AG), partnerships (OHG, KG) or sole traders and
  • on facts and legal relationships that are important in business life.

Responsible department

the register court in whose register district the branch office of the merchant concerned or the registered office of the company concerned is located

Note: In Baden-Württemberg, the register courts are the local courts of Freiburg, Mannheim, Stuttgart and Ulm.





  • You can also retrieve the data online.
  • If you request the printout in person or in writing:
    • If you apply in person at the competent registry court, you will receive the printout immediately.
    • If you request the printout in writing, you will receive a request for payment.
      At the latest when the amount has been credited to the competent registry court, it will send you the requested printout.

The extract can also be sent electronically to participants in electronic legal transactions. However, transmission as a simple e-mail is not possible.
Information can be obtained from the competent registry court.



Required documents



If you retrieve the data online: None.

If you request the printout in person or electronically

  • and would like it in paper form:
    • for simple printouts: EUR 10.00
    • for official printouts: EUR 20.00

  • and by way of electronic legal communication:
    • for an uncertified file: EUR 5,00
    • for a certified file: EUR 10.00



Release note

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