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Landeszahnärztekammer - Register membership

As a dentist in Baden-Württemberg, you must register with the Landeszahnärztekammer Baden-Württemberg.

The Landeszahnärztekammer is a public corporation based in Stuttgart. The main tasks of the chamber include,

  • to represent the professional interests of its members
  • to promote the education of the Chamber's members as well as their continuing professional education,
  • to regulate the continuing education of dentists in the specialist fields,
  • to supervise the fulfilment of the professional duties of its members,
  • to look after the interests of quality assurance and to regulate the participation of the members of the Chamber in quality assurance,
  • to promote the initial and further training of those employed by the members of the Chamber and to perform the tasks in accordance with the Vocational Training Act, and
  • To inform and advise third parties, in particular patients, in matters relating to the practice of dentistry.

Note: If you move your professional activity abroad, you can remain a voluntary chamber member. This also applies in the event that you only transfer your residence abroad without practising professionally.

Dentists who are allowed to treat patients with statutory health insurance ("Kassenpatienten") on an outpatient basis are also members of the Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg.

Responsible department

State Dental Association of Baden-Württemberg



  • You hold a dental licence or a permit to practise dentistry and
  • practise your profession in Baden-Württemberg or do not practise your profession but are resident in Baden-Württemberg.


You must register in writing with the district dental association responsible for you. The district dental chambers of Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Tübingen are each responsible for the corresponding administrative district. You can obtain the required form there or on the internet.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation and the dentist's card of the Baden-Württemberg Dental Association.


within one month of taking up your occupation or taking up residence in Baden-Württemberg

Required documents

You can find out which documents you need to submit in the annex to the application form.

Note: You must submit the documents in the original, as an officially certified copy or as an officially certified copy.


  • for registration none
  • for membership: Chamber contribution in different amounts (quarterly)
    The assessment of the contribution basis is based on contribution groups, which are determined annually by the Assembly of Representatives of the State Dental Association. The contribution is made up of the partial contributions for
    • the Regional Dental Association and
    • the respective district dental association.



Release note

01.06.2023 Sozialministerium Baden-Württemberg


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