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Procedure descriptions

Land register - apply for entry

Have you bought a property? Then you are only the new owner after

  • You have reached an agreement with the seller ("conveyance of the property") and
  • the new ownership structure has been entered in the land register.

Entry in the land register is also required for other forms of transfer of ownership.

Responsible department

the land registry

Note: 13 local courts keep the land register in Baden-Württemberg.
You can find the responsible land registry office on the Internet at the notary information service of the Federal Chamber of Notaries under "Land registry search".



The requirements for registration are normally

  • Application for registration
  • Conveyance and/or registration authorisation of the person whose right is affected by the registration
  • compliance with special formal requirements

Depending on the individual case

  • additional documents are required (e.g. proof of inheritance, authorisations, certificates of pre-emption rights, tax clearance certificate) or
  • the land register must first be corrected before the requested entry (e.g. by entering the heirs of a deceased owner).


You must apply for entry in the land register. You can find out about this from a notary, notary public or lawyer.

They will provide you with information on the procedure and the documents you need, tailored to your situation.



Required documents

  • Identity card or passport
  • Submission of the registration documents as public or publicly notarised documents


depending on goodwill


The land register provides information about the ownership structure of a property and any encumbrances on the property (e.g. liens, easements)e, easements).

Legal basis

Grundbuchordnung - GBO:

  • § 13 Antrag auf Eintragung
  • § 19 Bewilligung der Eintragung
  • § 20 Auflassung
  • § 29 Form der Eintragungsunterlagen
  • § 39 Voreintragung des Betroffenen
  • § 71 ff. GBO Beschwerde

Gerichts- und Notarkostengesetz (GNotKG)

Release note

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