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Identity card - Change address

If your address has changed, you must have your new address entered on your identity card. You can either apply for this online, if the local authority at your new place of residence offers electronic residence registration, or in person at the citizens' registration office at your new place of residence .

To change your address, an address sticker with your new address will be affixed to your ID card and the address will be changed in the chip of your ID card.

Even if you move abroad and no longer have an address in Germany, your ID card must be changed.Your new address abroad will be entered on the address sticker. If this has not yet been determined, it will be noted that you no longer have a home in Germany.

Responsible department

The identity card authorities in Baden-Württemberg are

  • the municipalities as local police authorities
  • the administrative communities, which perform or fulfil the tasks of the registration authority.

As a rule, the citizens' offices or the citizens' offices fulfil the tasks of an identity card authority there.



  • You have a valid identity card.
  • You have a current registration confirmation as proof of your change of address.

When using the online service for electronic residence registration (eWA):

  • You have activated the online ID function on your valid ID card.
  • You know your personal six-digit PIN.
  • You have a smartphone with an NFC interface or a card reader.
  • You have installed the ID card app on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • You have a user account (e.g. BundID).

If you move abroad:

  • You deregister with your local registration office.


If you apply for a change of address in person:
You use the digital online service for electronic residence registration.

  • Your address will be changed automatically on the chip in your ID card.
  • You will receive mail at your new address. This will contain an address sticker with your new address and instructions on how to affix the address sticker to your ID card.

You report in person to the Citizens' Registration Office at your new place of residence.

  • You present your valid identity card and your confirmation of registration.
  • The Citizens' Registration Office at your new place of residence changes the address in the chip on your ID card and updates the address on your ID card using an address sticker.

You can authorise another person in writing to apply for the change of address on your ID card at the Citizens' Registration Office at your new place of residence.


You must have your address changed on your ID card immediately after the change of address or change it yourself online.

Required documents

  • valid identity card
  • current official confirmation of registration


There are no costs.

Processing time

There is no statutory processing time.


You can only change the address on your ID card online if you register a new place of residence at the same time.

Legal basis

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