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Cross-border distance selling of tobacco products to consumers - register as a foreigner

German as well as foreign companies sell tobacco products and electronic cigarettes or refill containers mainly via the internet.
You must register your company for this.

This applies to:

  • companies based in Germany that offer such products at a distance to consumers in other EU Member States, and
  • businesses established in other EU Member States or in third countries that offer such products at a distance to consumers in Germany.

Responsible department

Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg

Kernerplatz 10

70182 Stuttgart

Telephone: 0711/126-0



You have a company with its registered office in other EU Member States or third countries that sells tobacco products to consumers in Baden-Württemberg via distance selling, for example on the internet.

You do not have to register if you only engage in cross-border business-to-business trade.


You must apply for registration at your place of business and in all EU Member States where you offer such products to consumers at a distance.

Use the Registration Form Cross Border Distance sale.

Send the completed form to or

If the requirements are met, the competent authority will confirm your registration.

Note: Please note that the competent authority is obliged to publish a list of the companies it has registered, including their trade name and internet addressn to be published.


You may only supply relevant products to consumers via cross-border distance selling after the competent authority of the respective EU member state has confirmed the registration to you.

Required documents

  • fully completed registration form
  • A description or proof of the age verification system must be available. In Germany, according to § 10 of the Youth Protection Act, the sale and distribution of tobacco products and alcohol to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited.
  • If your company is located in another EU Member State and has already received confirmation of registration there from the competent authority of the EU Member State, you must attach a copy of the registration to this application.



Note: The authority will not reimburse you for costs such as postage incurred in submitting the application.

Processing time

No processing time is specified.

The competent authority confirms your registration after completing its examination of the form. Or it will ask you to provide any missing information.


The Staff Unit Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Consumer Protection at the Regional Council of Tübingen publishes an overview of all companies that have submitted an application for registration in Baden-Württemberg and have been included in the list of registered companies by the specified date.

Release note

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