Hellenstein Castle in summer

Wildlife park Eichert

Wild boar with her babies in the wildlife park Eichert
Wild boars in the wildlife park Eichert

The wildlife park is located on the castle hill in a charming landscape in the middle of the forest. The urban park is over 30 hectares in size. The game enclosures are spacious and alpine-like.
The visitor can choose between a smaller or larger circular walk.
In the enclosures live fallow deer, sika deer, ibex, red deer, mouflon and wild boar. In the newly created biotope you can see ducks, geese, chickens and pheasants.
On informative boards you can learn interesting facts about ecology, forest and game.
Coming from the castle there is a large forest playground with barbecue.feeding is allowed only with special food from the installed vending machines (portion 0.50 €).


Grabenstraße 15
89522 Heidenheim an der Brenz
Fax (0 73 21) 3 23-15 12

Further information

  • Free access all year round
  • Entrance free
  • Parking: 1 hour 0,50 Euro, maximum 2,50 Euro