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Community Centre (Bürgerhaus)

With the community center, the city of Heidenheim provides a place for meeting, education and leisure activities for all generations and different cultures.
There are open offers, advice, events from the adult education center and the family home.
Many different groups offer a wide range of opportunities to participate and help shape the house.
The house is managed in close cooperation with full-time employees from the city of Heidenheim and volunteer citizens.

History of the "old calibration office"

Cinema culture

Swabian Alb Association - local group Heidenheim

Free painting with seniors

Sing evening songs

Literary circle

Discussion round table

Laughter Yoga

Choir 50+

Parent-child groups

Memory training

Play afternoon for seniors

Consumer advice center

Senior Citizens' Association of the Public Service BW - Heidenheim Local Association


Swabian Alb Association - local group Heidenheim

Landsmannschaft Silesia

Singer club

IG-Metall seniors (active 55+)

The community center café

Internet and PC support 50+

Heart and time giver

The workshop


Filmclub Heidenheim e.V.

DRK gymnastics group

Swabian Alb Association Seniors


Hintere Gasse 60
89522 Heidenheim
Fax (0 73 21) 3 27 53 46