Eselsburg Valley

One of the most scenic river valleys of the arid Swabian Ostalb (the Swabian East Jura region) lies in Herbrechtingen. Rock formations line the banks of the river Brenz, which meanders in a 5 km long bend along the Buigen Mountain. More than 640 flowering plants and ferns prosper in this untouched country idyll and more than 80 species of bird find a spot to hatch here every year.

In 1983, the 318 ha area has been designated as a nature reserve by the Regional Council Stuttgart. The most famous landmark of Eselsburg Valley unquestionably is the "Steinernen Jungfrauen" (Stony Virgins), two slim rock spikes, whose formation is the subject of an exciting legend.

If you bring your own equipment, Eselsburg Valley is an interesting setting for experienced rock climbers, too. Its breathtaking scenery is characterized by rocks and a picturesque view. The rock formations have to be blocked temporarily to protect rare breeding birds from the climbers.