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Hellenstein Castle is the landmark of the City of Heidenheim. No matter where you approach Heidenheim from, the monumental building on its 70-metre high rock catches the eye of every visitor. Castle Hill offers a variety of leisure activities in addition to its historical sight: It is a top destination for congresses, culture and nature, too.

Thousands of visitors from all over Germany are drawn to Castle Hill in summer, when the Opera Festival takes place in the festival city of Heidenheim for 8 weeks. The Opera Festival is of outstanding international renown and particularly praised for its unique ambience, for the performances take place in the medieval Knights' Hall.

Hellenstein Castle is the location of a very special culinary event in August, too. At the Innkeepers' Festival, gastronomes of the city and the region - the so-called "Heidenheimer Wirtekreis" - proffer their own wide variety of specialties.

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