Midnight Sport

Midnight Sport at Hellenstein-Gymnasium was initiated by the Municipality of Heidenheim along the motto "Fair play: the game must go on!" It is an alternative leisure activity without any commercial agenda.

Twice a month, youths can do indoor sports at the youth centre "Treff9" on Saturday from 8 pm - 12 pm, supervised by training instructors and social pedagogues. The sports hall is open to all young people from 12 to 20 years old (children under the age of 14 years until 10 pm).

You can find all dates at the information slot on the right. The City's Youth Administration (Stadtjugendreferat) is the main contact for organizational questions about Midnight Sport.
Call 07321/327-5315 or mail to jugendreferat@heidenheim.de or call the staff of the youth centre "Treff9" 07321/327-5350.

Youths are responsible for the kind of sport and the team selection for their match. Soccer is very popular, however. In many cases, youths come to the Midnight Sport as a complete team or meet at the sports hall. They are responsible for the matches which are usually held as a small tournament. They also pay attention to the rules and to fair play.

Midnight Sport is a sports activity for youths outside the box of sports clubs and sports associations, e. g. for youths who like recreational tournaments or spend a Saturday evening doing sports. You can practise social skills and tolerance at Midnight Sport regardless of your school education or group affiliations.

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  • every second Saturday
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  • 14.11.2015
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