Wedelungeheuer, Brenzpark

  • many tube slides
  • adventurous water playground: enjoy playing in the mud and water
  • different swings
  • spinning tops
  • ropes course
  • adventurous terrain
  • many spots to play, to romp or to have a picnic

Forest Playground

  • many unusual swings and rockers
  • adventurous American Indians' climbing tower
  • barbecue area
  • many spots to romp and to withdraw into privacy
  • playing field with soccer goals

Asterix-Spielplatz, construction area Mittelrain

  • Roman fortress
  • Gaul village
  • water feature

Pirate Ship, district Aufhausen an der Brenz, Brunnenstraße

  • spiral pump to get water from the river
  • access to the river Brenz
  • bird's nest swing

Elser Monument, Schnaitheim

  • wall with broad slide
  • many swings
  • climbing hexagon
  • adventure hut with many spots to play ball or frisbee or to ride a bicycle

Heilbronner Straße, construction area Reutenen

  • playground with mountain bike course for people of all ages

Zanger Berg, Sudentenstraße/Iglauer Straße

  • sloping terrain connecting 3 playgrounds
  • swings
  • carousel
  • slide
  • climbing frame
  • bird's nest swing


  • in the middle of nature, somewhat remote
  • 2 high swings
  • many climbing opportunities

"The Castle" am kleinen Bühl

  • steepest slide in Heidenheim
  • climbing hill next to the playground
  • large climbing castle
  • carousel
  • in the middle of nature

Forest Playground, construction area Reutenen, Balinger Weg

  • cable way
  • climbing frame
  • swings
  • amateur soccer field with 2 goals
  • next to the forest
  • e. g. on a bicycle tour to the Wildlife Park Eichert

"Mikado", construction area Hansegisreute

  • huge playground with many towers

"Waiblinger Weg"

  • trampoline
  • many wiggle mushrooms
  • climbing house
  • rocker

"Zoeppritz"-Anlage, Carl-Schwenk-Straße

  • longest slide
  • hammock swings

Overview of playgrounds in Heidenheim

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