Child & Youth Work

The City's Youth Administration (Stadtjugendreferat), institutions of the open child and youth work, a van full of various games (Spielmobil) and the mobile youth work are representatives and partners for children and youths in the City of Heidenheim. Many projects and activities for young people are organised or supported by the Stadtjugendreferat, e. g. the Family Day, the Summer Vacation Program and further events. Many sports activities like tournaments and Midnight Sport are organised by the Stadtjugendreferat, too. For further information on sports activites, go to: "Sport & Freizeit".

Open Child and Youth Work

Youth centres, institutions of the municipal child and youth work in Heidenheim and their activities form a central and integral part of the local social infrastructure. With their concept and contents, they complement the activities of churches, federations and associations and are open for young people regardless of their cultural origins and attitudes.

There are four youth centres within the city area of Heidenheim:

The activities of the open child and youth work are complemented by a van full of various games (Spielmobil) and activities centered around the mobile youth work. In addition to these activities, thematic projects are regularly organised together with different cooperation partners by the Stadtjugendreferat.

Spielmobil (van full of various games)

"Fun and Games": The staff of the Spielmobil visits playgrounds and schoolyards in Heidenheim in summer. The season of the Spielmobil always starts in July.

You can also rent the Spielmobil, roller transporters and further play equipment. A list with all items can be found on the right.

Please address rental requests to

Mobile Youth Work

"Mobile for you" in all situations, even on-site where young people meet.

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Van full of various games (Spielmobil)

Child and Youth Work

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