Traffic in & around Heidenheim


The most important arterial road of road traffic in Heidenheim is the motorway Autobahn A 7 (Flensburg, Hamburg, Hannover, Würzburg, Ulm, Füssen) - Germany's longest motorway. You can access the motorway A 7 at the junction Heidenheim-Mitte or at the junction Heidenheim-Süd. There is an intersection of the motorway Autobahn A 7 and the motorway Autobahn A 8 (Stuttgart – München) close to the Town of Elchingen, some 30 km to the South of Heidenheim. The two federal highways Bundesstrasse B 19 (Würzburg, Aalen, Ulm) and Bundesstrasse B 466 (Stuttgart, Göppingen, Nördlingen, Nürnberg) lead through Heidenheim, too.
There are Clear Air Preservation Plans for areas with poor air quality in Germany. The establishment of Clear Zones is a means of Clear Air Preservation Plans. Heidenheim is a Clear Zone, where vehicles with a high level of pollutant emissions are prohibited. Clear Zones reduce the levels of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pollution. If you want to drive into a Clear Zone with your vehicle, you have to buy an appropriate particle emissions sticker.


There is an hourly train service (even more frequent during rush hour) to the  ICE railway station Ulm and the InterCity railway station Aalen.


The establishment of the Tariff Public Transport Association and the Central Bus Stations ZOB at the railway station and ZOH Marienstrasse have considerably improved public transport in the City of Heidenheim as well as in the County of Heidenheim. A standard tariff is now valid for busses and trains and there is even a transitory tariff to the neighbouring Donau-Iller-Nahverkehrsverbund (DING) Tariff Public Transport Association.


The cycle path network in the centre of the city and to the destinations in the area has been completed within the last years.

On foot

The pedestrian zone was enlarged in 1996 to the Friedrich-Degeler-Platzes to the North of the Guildhall.

Taxi companies

Taxi Bißle
Regerstraße 25
89518 Heidenheim
Tel.: 07321 45959

Taxi Braig
Albuchstraße 2
89518 Heidenheim
Tel.: 07321 949000

Taxi Himmelreich
Schlossstraße 23/1
89518 Heidenheim
Tel.: 07321 2799888

Taxi Müller
Talstraße 23
89518 Heidenheim
Tel.: 07321 942200

Taxi Pietsch
Albrecht-Dürer-Straße 4
89520 Heidenheim
Tel.: 07321 609760

Taxiunternehmen Heffner
Sudetenstraße 20
89518 Heidenheim

teilAuto Carsharing
Ludwigstr. 18
72072 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071 360306

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