Apply for a resident parking permit

If you have your primary residence in a residential area in Heidenheim, you can apply for a resident parking permit. Companies as well as other legal entities, self-employed persons and tradesmen can also profit from a resident parking permit if they have their registered office in a residential area. A maximum of 5 residential parking permits will be issued for each company.

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Parking garages

There are six public parking garages in the centre of the city with public and private spaces, which are often additionally available during the weekend. A parking guidance system shows free spaces. Opening hours and directions to the parking garages can be found here:

Pay for parking with your mobile phone

There is an easy way to use our mobile phone service, which lets you pay for your parking ticket. You just have to register your car in advance with the operator of the service. The quick registration process doesn't take longer than buying a train ticket or plane ticket. You can compare the different tariff systems and additional offers of the operators online and register your car at the operator best suited to your needs.

Users will get a sticker with the mobile phone service some days later in their mail. After fixing the sticker to the windscreen of your car, you simply call the number shown on the machines and pay for your parking over your mobile phone. You will receive a text message confirming the time of arrival at the parking space, the parking time and the exact amount of fees. Before you leave the parking space, you simply call the number again and respond to the text message to confirm that the parking process is over now. If you happen to forget the parking limit, a text message will remind you of the fact.

The mobile phone service is particularly interesting to people with mobility difficulties, in winter conditions or when it is raining. For you don't have to walk back with your parking ticket.