Bicycle Traffic Concept

The Municipality of Heidenheim currently works out a Bicycle Traffic Concept under participation of local agencies and the focus groups bicycle traffic / pedestrian traffic / public transport of the civic engagement project WerkStadt.

After its public display, which will offer citizens the chance to make informed suggestions, the concept will be passed by the Council of the City of Heidenheim. The bicycle traffic concept will then serve the Municipality of Heidenheim as a guiding principle.

Bicycle parking

There is a bicycle parking concept for the centre of the City of Heidenheim. The current front wheel stands are step by step replaced and complemented by customer-friendly roll-bars.

You can rent a safe bicycle box at the railway station. Please call 07321-327-1517 if you are interested in this monthly or annual service. The City of Heidenheim contemporarily aims to replace the limited number of boxes by a safe facility with a sufficient number of stalls.

Service Helpline for Bicycle Traffic

  • 07321-327-8110

We introduced this service helpline for bicycle traffic so you don't have to worry about glass fragments, contaminations and road holes. You can report dangerous spots with a quick call and the responsible cleaning team will be informed as soon as possible. You can also use our report-a-damage-form to notify us.

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