Municipal Senior Council

Aims of the Stadtseniorenrat

  • independent, politically and denominationally neutral education
  • formation of opinion and exchange of experiences
  • promotion of the relations and dialogue between the generations
  • partner of the City of Heidenheim and of the municipal policy
  • point of contact to shape the demographic change positively

Inaugural meeting

Many senior citizens and organizations were interested in founding a charitable and registered association to represent the interests of senior citizens in Heidenheim.

After several preparatory meetings, the inaugural meeting of the Stadtseniorenrat took place on the 11th of July 2006 in the Emil-Ortlieb-Saal of the Guildhall, headed by Deputy Mayor Rainer Domberg. Wilhelm Gebler was elected chairman of the Stadtseniorenrat, with Rosemarie Hilka as vice chairwoman, Arthur Kienzl as secretary and Thomas Ille as cashier.

Hand in hand to an intergenerationally equitable future

The Stadtseniorenrat has recently certified 64 businesses and shops for their intergenerationally equitable service: they enhance the quality of life in Heidenheim with their service.

The certification process first took place in 2008 and was exclusively aimed at intergenerationally equitable retail traders. The new certification process, with its certificate valid until March 2015, was modified to include the evaluation of service for persons with disabilities, for families with small children and for senior citizens.

Relevant issues for an intergenerationally equitable service are

  • local public transport or parking facilities
  • building accessibility for Rollator walkers, wheelchairs and perambulators
  • legibility of the display of prices and descriptions of products
  • size of the dressing rooms
  • as well as the friendliness and attentiveness of the staff offering e. g. a glass of water or a quiet place to rest on request.

The project is supported by the City of Heidenheim, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ostwürttemberg, the Chamber of Crafts Ulm and the Regional Guild of Craftsmen.

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