Day Care

Child day care is a very flexible, individual kind of care for children between 0 and 14 years old and therefore particularly attractive to working parents. Day care can take place at the household of the childminder, at the household of the parent or in further suitable rooms. The registered association Tagesmütter e.V. makes a valuable contribution to professional day care by establishing contacts between parents, children and childminders and by consulting all parties of the child day care.
For children under 3 years, child day care is a trusted alternative to day care centres within family-like structures. Day care offers utmost flexibility, for the parents define the care time schedule and thus helps to ensure the reconcilability of work and family life.

Further promotion of children under 3 years
Parents whose children under 3 years are in day care have a right to support according to the Fiscal Equalization Law (FAG) regardless of family income. The amount of the support is determined by the economic youth welfare service (wirtschaftliche Jugendhilfe). The support is not valid for parents privately paying for a childminder.

Tagesmütter e.V. of the County of Heidenheim is responsible establishing contacts between parents and childminders.
Please contact Tagesmütter e.V. and call 07321-92 48 08.


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